Are Spray Supplements Better For You?

A lot of things people do in the name of wellness are unpleasant (looking at you, 5:30 a.m. workouts), and choking down super-sized supplements is definitely on that list. Fortunately, a growing number of brands are making daily vitamins easier to swallow…by eliminating the swallowing part altogether.

Article by Erin Magner

Proponents of supplement sprays—which deliver vitamins and minerals either sublingually (under the tongue) or transdermally (through the skin)—say they result in better absorption and lead to an all-around more pleasant experience. And while they’re not mainstream yet, many major vitamin players are staking their claim: Garden of Life (which has a partnership with Alicia Silverstone) offers sprayable vitamins B12,C, and D3; the doctor-developed brand Instavit has a line of functional spray blends to address issues likesleep and immunity; and the UK-based company BetterYou has won awards for its oral vitamin sprays andtopical magnesium mists.

But do spray supplements live up to the hype? Keep reading to find out what a doctor says—and what you should look for.


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