Supplements Report /supplementsreport Supplements Report Sun, 15 Jan 2017 17:56:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 9 natural health benefits of Bee Propolis /supplementsreport/2017-01-15-9-natural-health-benefits-of-bee-propolis.html /supplementsreport/2017-01-15-9-natural-health-benefits-of-bee-propolis.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Aside from the vital role bees perform in plant pollination, they also provide humans with several health-boosting substances – honey itself has numerous therapeutic properties; bee pollen and bee propolis also offer amazing health benefits.

Bee propolis – also known as “bee glue” – is a sticky substance derived from tree resin collected by bees.

From NaturalHealth365:

“Bee propolis begins as a resin secreted by trees. Bees metabolize it, and the resulting substance is about 30 percent beeswax, 55 percent resins and 10 percent aromatic oils and ethers. It is responsible for creating a sterile, safe environment within bee hives, so it’s no surprise that it has antibiotic, antiviral and other healing properties.”

Bees gather the sap during warm weather, blending it with wax flakes they store in their abdomens. The resulting mixture is rolled into a ball by the bee and then stored in the pollen basket attached to the bee’s leg. Once a bee gathers enough propolis, it takes it back to the hive.


“At this point, the propolis is unloaded and used to patch up holes in the hive. Bees also use propolis as an antiseptic barrier covering invaders with the sticky substance to prevent hive contamination.”

Bee propolis health benefits

NaturalHealth365 has listed nine health benefits of bee propolis. These include:

Cancer-fighting properties – Propolis has been shown to be effective in killing cancer cells. Unlike other mainstream cancer treatments, propolis kills only cancer cells, leaving healthy cells unharmed.

Bone health – Propolis helps in the growth and maintenance of healthy bones. It fights inflammation and stops bones from deteriorating.

Food poisoning treatment – Due to its antimicrobial properties, the three most common microorganisms associated with food poisoning – Enterobacter faecalis, Staphylococcus aureus and C. jejuni – can be fought using bee propolis.

Inflammation relief – Bee propolis is an effective treatment for oral inflammation and infections. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also useful in the treatment of arthritis, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

Blood pressure management – Bee propolis can be used to decrease TH (Tyrosine hydroxylase) enzyme activity. This enzyme can inhibit the production of nitric oxide, which is important for healthy hearts. Propolis reduces hypertension and helps keep blood pressure at healthy levels.

Wart removal – Applied topically, propolis can get rid of often difficult-to-remove plantar warts. A daily application for two weeks should do the trick.

Allergy relief – Propolis blocks histamine response, making it an effective treatment against allergy symptoms such as runny noses and itchy red eyes.

Protection against heat stress – Due to its combined antioxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and other properties, propolis can protect against heat exhaustion while also improving athletic performance in high temperature environments.

Illness prevention and treatment for infections – The various health-boosting properties of bee propolis can help in treating and preventing colds, flu and other germ-transmitted illnesses. Propolis fights a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi and provides a general boost to the entire immune system.

Propolis available in lozenges, capsules and topical applications

Bee propolis is available in many forms, including lozenges that are effective in treating sore throats, capsules that can be taken internally, and tinctures, gels or ointments for topical use. (RELATED: Discover more powerful natural remedies at and read about nutritional supplements at

People who have a history of allergic reactions or hypersensitivity to bee stings or other bee products may also experience similar reactions to bee propolis. Always read the label before using any propolis products and consult with a health care provider if you have any questions.

For most people, however, using bee propolis is a completely safe and natural way to boost your health and treat a variety of common ailments.


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The DEA just listed CBD as a Schedule I Controlled Substance… what happens next? (video) /supplementsreport/2017-01-14-dea-just-listed-cbd-as-a-schedule-i-controlled-substance.html /supplementsreport/2017-01-14-dea-just-listed-cbd-as-a-schedule-i-controlled-substance.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 The DEA is working diligently to try to criminalize every natural molecule in hemp, and their latest move has achieved a “Schedule I Controlled Substance” status for all 100+ cannabinoids, including CBD (cannabidiol).

Is this a massive power grab to try to criminalize all hemp extracts, even when they contain virtually no THC? Or is it just an administrative housekeeping announcement for international treaty compliance?

The hemp industry says this move by the DEA is no big deal, and they’re even prepared to challenge it in the courts. I’ve been told by some of the largest CBD product companies in America that they aren’t going to stop selling their CBD hemp extracts.

This may put the hemp extract industry on a collision course with the DEA. But with Trump taking office, the DEA could be headed for some huge changes anyway. It’s all very fluid right now, so stay informed on all the news related to hemp science at

Be sure to check for all the real news on hemp and CBD that the mainstream media is trying to censor.

Here’s the full video:


]]> /supplementsreport/2017-01-14-dea-just-listed-cbd-as-a-schedule-i-controlled-substance.html/feed 0 Natural citrus fruit extract can activate cancer-killing cells /supplementsreport/2017-01-14-natural-citrus-fruit-extract-can-activate-cancer-killing-cells.html /supplementsreport/2017-01-14-natural-citrus-fruit-extract-can-activate-cancer-killing-cells.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Could a simple fruit extract really help kill cancer? Recent research certainly seems to suggest just that. Modified citrus pectin may help to inhibit the expression of galectin-3 —  a type of protein that has been recognized as a biomarker of cancer. Scientists have struggled to create a pharmaceutical product that can combat the overexpression of galectin-3, but evidence of modified citrus pectin’s ability to prevent it continues to mount. (RELATED: Learn more about the healing power of nutritional supplements at

What is galectin-3, and what does it do?

Galectins are a group of proteins that belong to the lectin family, characterized by their galactose-specific carbohydrate recognition domain. Galectin-3 is one of the most studied galectins, and research continues to show that it is both directly and indirectly connected to cancer cell activity and may contribute to cancer progression in a number of different ways, including cancer progression and metastasis.

Galectin-3 is not all bad, though. It is produced by the human body and is necessary for tissue growth and repair. Excessive production of the protein, however, is likely to become problematic. An excessively high level of galactin-3 is a biomarker for cancer, as well as a strong indicator of heart disease and kidney disease. Researchers now believe that in addition to being an indicator of disease, galectin-3 is also capable of encouraging the growth and spread of cancer.

One of the functions of galectin-3 is to actually stoke immune system response and create inflammation, to help destroy invading pathogens after tissue damage. In cases of injury, galectin-3 serves to help “seal off” the area by causing chronic inflammation.

Galectin-3 promotes cancer growth and proliferation in a few different ways. Essentially, it makes it easier for cancer cells to adhere to the walls of blood vessels, and in this way, helps the cancer spread. The protein is also produced by cancer cells themselves, which can further their proliferation. Galectin-3 is also said to help malignant cells escape apoptosis, or programmed cell death. In turn, these cancerous cells can continue to multiply, and produce more galectin-3.

Fortunately, there appears to be a natural way to curb this vicious cycle.

Modified citrus pectin: what it is, and how it can help

Modified citrus pectin, or MCP for short, is a complex carbohydrate, similar to the natural pectin found in fruit. Pectin contains galactosides (sugar molecules), which are capable of bonding with galectin-3. The binding activity of MCP’s galactosides to galectin-3 blocks the protein’s damaging behavior and disrupts its signaling abilities. To put it simply, MCP essentially shuts down the galectin-3 protein and stops its harmful effects in their tracks. This could be useful not just in cancer treatment, but in other areas as well.

In an animal study, MCP not only inhibited the levels of galectin-3, it also reversed inflammation, fibrosis and thickening of blood vessel walls. This finding suggests that in the instance of heart disease, MCP can help to reverse the damaging effects of excessive galectin-3, and undo the changes that can often lead to heart failure. (RELATED: Learn more about the disease prevention properties of natural remedies at

Studies have also shown that MCP can stimulate the immune system and boost production of natural killer cells, which can locate and destroy cancer cells. Several different studies have illustrated these potential cancer-killing effects. For example, a study published in 2015 by the journal PLOS One found that MCP induced cell death in two different types of cancer cells. Another study, published by BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2011 found that MCP activated natural killer cells that were then able to target and destroy leukemic cancer cells.

Other studies have also shown that MCP may be able to help stop cancer from spreading to other areas. In animals, MCP has been shown to prevent skin cancer from spreading to the lungs, and has also prevented colon cancer from spreading to the liver.

Perhaps citrus pectin will prove to be the next all-natural cancer cure. While this research is only the beginning, it is certainly promising. Who knows what independent science could reveal next.



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There’s no good evidence that cough medicine works; use natural remedies instead /supplementsreport/2017-01-11-theres-no-good-evidence-that-cough-medicine-works-use-natural-remedies-instead.html /supplementsreport/2017-01-11-theres-no-good-evidence-that-cough-medicine-works-use-natural-remedies-instead.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Has winter left you with a scratchy throat and nagging cough? If you are like most people, you might already have reached for that bottle of cherry-flavored over-the-counter (OTC) cough syrup. According to the American Chemistry Society (ACS), a nonprofit chartered by the U.S. Congress, you’re not alone. Every year thousands of people worldwide spend billions of dollars on cough medicines. According to the Drug News Store report, cough syrup sales were worth almost $580 million in 2015.

Back in the old days, your OTC cough syrup may have consisted of alcohol, cannabis, morphine, chloroform, or even heroin. Luckily those days are over, but are today’s options any better and do they work as well as we think they do?

ACS called the active ingredients in today’s cough syrups “more reasonable.” However, we at Natural News have our doubts. Most of these syrups include synthetic chemicals which have been linked to serious adverse health effects. (RELATED: Learn more about natural medicine at

Does cough syrup actually work?

The ACS analyzed both the chemistry behind cough medicines and data from previous scientific research into the efficacy of those drugs and published its findings in a video earlier this month.

The researchers analyzed systemic reviews and found very little evidence that cough syrups are effective at doing their job. They reported that these medications are generally no better than a placebo. In one of the systematic reviews they looked at, which included 19 previously conducted studies, 15 showed no benefit or the results were conflicting. All other reports showed similar results. The researchers concluded that there is no real evidence for or against the effectiveness of OTC drugs in an acute cough.

Furthermore, these OTC meds can have deteriorating side effects and even lead to death when taken in larger doses. Every year, thousands of children under 12 end up in the emergency room due to accidental cough medicine overdose, reported the ACS.

And if you thought you were better off with treatments based on Echinacea, vitamin C or zinc, the ACS researchers noted that aside from the placebo effect, these remedies will likely not help soothe a cough either. Although upping your vitamin C levels and boosting your immune system may help prevent a viral infection and winter cough in the first place.

What you should do instead

Though OTC cough syrups may help you sleep better, it is a persistent and nagging cough you want to get rid of, right? So, what should you do instead?

  • Drink plenty of fluids to thin out extra mucus and reduce the cough reflex.
  • Use a humidifier or take a steamy shower to reduce congestions.
  • Honey and lemon have been used for ages to treat a cough and science backs it up. Especially kids fare well by this age-old remedy. It soothes the back of their throats which eases a cough. And it’s delicious, especially in hot tea.
  • Cough drops have proven their effectiveness. They help to get saliva flowing which soothes a sore or irritated throat.
  • Or why not diffuse the healing aroma of essential oils throughout your home to find relief? The potent plant compounds in some essential oils can suppress a cough and enable you to breathe better, especially when you are asleep. Some of the best essential oils to treat a cough include lemon, frankincense, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme, rosemary, tea tree and thieves oil.

A cough is usually a viral infection that will go away without any treatment after a week or two. However, when a cough persists for more than a few weeks, the ACS recommends seeing your doctor. (RELATED: Learn more about natural remedies at

Sources: PDF

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The spicy, active ingredient in chilies found to kill off cancer cells /supplementsreport/2017-01-11-the-spicy-active-ingredient-in-chilies-found-to-kill-off-cancer-cells.html /supplementsreport/2017-01-11-the-spicy-active-ingredient-in-chilies-found-to-kill-off-cancer-cells.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 A burning, hot sensation in your mouth isn’t the only trick chili peppers have up their sleeve. Rather than spicing up your food, German researchers found that capsaicin, or the active, hot compound in chili peppers, could stop breast cancer in its tracks.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, affecting about one in eight American women. Scientists have classified breast cancer according to the presence or absence of three receptors that are known to promote breast cancer proliferation. The receptors are estrogen, progesterone, and the epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2).

While breast cancers that test positive for HER2 typically respond well to available treatments, others that test negative for all three receptors (also called triple-negative breast cancer) are harder to treat, with damaging chemotherapy being the only available treatment option.

The German research team led by Ruhr-University Bochum’s Dr. Habil Hanns Hatt and Dr. Lea Weber, however, found that capsaicin may offer new hope in the treatment of this particularly aggressive cancer type. (RELATED: Learn more about health-enhancing foods at

Spicy molecule causing cancer cells to self-destruct

For their study, the team analyzed the effect of capsaicin on SUM149PT cell cultures, which are a model system for the aggressive triple-negative breast cancer type. Previous research suggested that several transient receptor potential (TRP) channels influence cancer cell growth. These TRP channels are membranes that control how much calcium and sodium goes in and out the cancer cell.

Olfactory receptor TRPV1 is one of these channels that received a great deal of attention from researchers around the world. For their study, the German researchers aimed to investigate the role TRPV1 plays in breast cancer growth and development. They hope their findings may lead to better understanding how TRPV1 could be used in breast cancer therapy.

“To our knowledge, no studies have yet conducted a large-scale comparative study of the TRP channels expression profiles in breast cancer cell lines,” said Dr. Lea Weber.

When Dr. Weber and colleagues added capsaicin and helional, a chemical compound which creates the scent of a fresh sea breeze, to breast cancer cell cultures for several hours or days, the spicy ingredient attached itself to the edge of the cancer cell, known as the cell membrane, and activated TRPV1.

When TRVP1 was switched on by capsaicin, calcium and sodium distribution spun out of control and cancer cells began to divide more slowly and self-destruct, which halted the tumor in its growth while leaving healthy cells unharmed.

What’s more, surviving cancer cells were no longer able to move as quickly as before, implying that their ability to form metastases in the body was significantly reduced. (RELATED: Many common food ingredients kill cancer cells. Stay informed at

Exciting breakthrough in the treatment of cancer

While it is too soon to make any conclusion, these findings are an exciting breakthrough in the fight against cancer. However, the researchers noted that the effect cannot be achieved by consuming chili peppers or inhaling the capsaicin compound. They said that that capsaicin is most effective when taken in pill form and attached to another drug that effectively targets cancer cells.

“If we could switch on the TRPV1 receptor with specific drugs, this might constitute a new treatment approach for this type of cancer [triple-negative breast cancer],” says Hanns Hatt.

Furthermore, capsaicin has also been shown to inhibit cancer cell growth and induce cell death in several other types of cancer, including colon and pancreatic cancer.

The study was a collaboration between Dr. Hanns Hatt and Dr. Lea Weber, and several institutions in Germany, including the Augusta clinics in Bochum, the hospital Herz-Jesu-Krankenhaus in Dernbach, and the Centre for Genomics in Cologne. The findings were recently published in the journal Breast Cancer: Targets and Therapy.

See more news about cancer prevention at


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More and more countries awakening to the benefits of legalizing marijuana /supplementsreport/2017-01-09-more-and-more-countries-continue-to-awaken-to-the-benefits-of-legalizing-marijuana.html /supplementsreport/2017-01-09-more-and-more-countries-continue-to-awaken-to-the-benefits-of-legalizing-marijuana.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Over the past few years, the United States has taken great strides towards legalizing marijuana nationwide, but we aren’t the only country moving in that direction.

Around the world there is a growing push for the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis, especially as the therapeutic value of the plant becomes more widely documented and acknowledged by the medical and scientific community.

Currently, Uruguay is the only nation that has completely legalized cannabis for recreational and medical use, but several other countries have decriminalized marijuana use, and in some, medical and/or recreational marijuana is either already legal or legalization is under consideration.

More than 20 countries are now introducing legislation allowing either medical or recreational cannabis use; in 2017, Canada plans to legalize and regulate both.

From CNN:

“Ireland, Australia, Jamaica and Germany approved measures this year for its medicinal use, while Australia also granted permission for businesses to apply for licenses to manufacture or cultivate marijuana products for medicinal purposes and to conduct related research. Decisions are still pending in South Africa.”

Testing the waters

Because legalization is such a new issue – there are few road maps in terms of regulation, taxation and public safety, for example – other nations are looking to the United States and other countries where the herb is already legal or decriminalized as examples, and are carefully monitoring how things are working out there.

So far, the experiments have been working. In the United States, legalization has largely proven to be a success. States like Colorado, for example, have seen dramatic tax revenue increases and a decrease in drug-related crime. And there have been surprising and unexpected benefits as well, such as the fact that traffic fatalities in many states have dropped significantly since legalization went into effect.

As in the United States, where marijuana laws differ from state to state, marijuana policies abroad also differ from country to country, but with the same general results. In other words, countries that have either decriminalized or legalized cannabis have seen positive results.

An interesting example is Portugal, which in 2001 decriminalized all drugs for personal use. Since then, that country has seen crime and hard drug addiction rates drop dramatically, proving that decriminalization works – and not just for marijuana use.

In the Netherlands, where weed has been more or less legal for 40 years, the percentage of the population who use marijuana is far lower than that of the United States. Incidentally, the rate of incarceration in the Netherlands is one-tenth that of the United States.

The truth shall prevail

Decades of drug war propaganda brainwashing is slowly beginning to wear off, particularly as new scientific evidence pours in documenting the nearly-miraculous properties of cannabis in treating a wide range of conditions.

Videos showing Parkinson’s sufferers and children with epilepsy obtaining instant relief from their symptoms after taking a few drops of cannabis oil are going viral, and after watching such videos it’s difficult to imagine anyone being opposed to the use of cannabis as medicine.

And so, as the blinders come off and the truth about cannabis becomes more widely disseminated, governments and citizens throughout the world are beginning to embrace the fact that marijuana is not a dangerous substance that should be outlawed. In fact, its use is beneficial and should be made completely legal, without any accompanying social stigma or criminal penalties.

At this point, the only people who oppose legalization are the ones who have either been duped by decades worth of “war on drugs” rhetoric, or those who continue to profit from cannabis prohibition, i.e. law enforcement agencies, drug cartels and industries like Big Pharma and for-profit prisons.


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Kacper Postawski joins Health Ranger for “tell-all” interview about Adya Clarity irresponsible marketing, clinical trial mistakes, lessons learned and better ways to help humanity heal /supplementsreport/2017-01-08-kacper-postawski-joins-health-ranger-tell-all-interview-adya-clarity-irresponsible-marketing-clinical-trial-faked-lessons-learned.html /supplementsreport/2017-01-08-kacper-postawski-joins-health-ranger-tell-all-interview-adya-clarity-irresponsible-marketing-clinical-trial-faked-lessons-learned.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 A few years ago, I publicly exposed the marketing fraud behind a product called “Adya Clarity,” a collection of inorganic minerals mined out of the ground and dissolved in acid and water to be sold as a dietary supplement. Its promoters loudly proclaimed the product was able to remove heavy metals from the body. It was very aggressively promoted by a huge number of gurus, “raw food” people and dietary supplement marketers. Tens of thousands of consumers were ultimately fooled by the claims, and Natural News led the way in halting the deceptive marketing of this product.

As I unveiled at the time, Adya Clarity contained high aluminum (about 1,200 ppm) and was deceptively marketed, deceptively labeled and promoted with highly deceptive claims that I knew to be completely bogus. (Since then, I built a state-of-the-art forensic science laboratory and achieved ISO 17025 lab accreditation for it. You can see my lab at

In response to my public warnings, the Adya Clarity company went to war with Natural News, and they eventually funded what they believed was a legitimate clinical trial which, for years, was cited as “proof” that Adya Clarity worked as was claimed. This “proof” was used to continue promoting Adya Clarity across the ‘net, through various webinars.

Adya Clarity former marketer Kacper Postawski is now able to go public with the revelation that the clinical trial was eventually discovered to be completely fraudulent (and that he and Adya got scammed by the clinical trial company). The company conducting the trial — Fenestra Research Labs — was really just a collection of scam artists who ripped off the Adya Clarity company and produced nothing but fictional trial data. I was personally instrumental in helping the Adya Clarity company discover this by asking intelligent scientific questions of the clinical trial company. Kacper worked with me to ask those questions which immediately exposed the clinical trial company fraud.

For your amusement, a copy of the preliminary clinical trial report from Fenestra Research Labs — a fraudulent clinical trial organization — is available at this link on Natural News.

The Fenestra Research Labs website, incidentally, is still full of crazy typos all over its home page, including “Saftey and Effective Studies can support your marketing claims!” and “Humasn clinical trials” and “A saftery and Effectiveness Study on your product can open new marketing streams and ensure client health!”

Today, many years after all this happened, Kacper Postawski reached out to me to put together an effort to help set the record straight on what happened, to learn from the mistakes that were made, and to move forward with an intention of healing and integrity. I invited him to conduct a “tell-all” video interview, where we would discuss the Adya Clarity story, including the marketing claims, the faked clinical trial, and the lessons learned for moving forward in the future.

That video interview, which is slightly edited for brevity and clarity, is now posted on YouTube at this link (or watch it below). In this video, Kacper Postawski and I cover:

* How Adya Clarity was deceptively and irresponsibly marketed by dietary supplement companies.

* How Adya Clarity generated $5.5 million in sales from a deceptive webinar marketing strategy.

* Details on the Adya war with Natural News, and how Mike Adams effectively halted most sales of Adya nationwide.

* How Kacper Postawski had positive intentions, but was deceived by a clinical trial company.

* Details on how the clinical trials were faked by a scamming company that charged Adya Clarity over $50,000.

* Why strong marketing claims for non-food-based dietary supplements must be backed by solid evidence, not wishful thinking.

* How the pharmaceutical industry also fakes clinical trials.

* The placebo effect and the nature of positive customer testimonials.

* Why consciousness alone can’t save you from toxic elements in food or water.

* Details of an upcoming science investigation by Natural News that will call for the criminal arrest of an Indian “consciousness” guru who is poisoning people with mercury pills.

* Kacper’s interest in over-unity energy devices and his plans for helping uplift consciousness around the world.

* Links to Kacper’s website and documentary film project. and

Partial transcript from the interview

Note: This transcript is paraphrased or edited in many places for clarity and brevity, but the original intention of the words remains intact. To hear the full interview, word for word, watch the video above

Kacper Postawski: “The way that this was marketed wasn’t very responsible… it was irresponsible… I didn’t have the filters in me, which I do now… to be able to make decisions better.”

There were a lot of claims being made. It was very aggressively promoted. The [webinar] did very well as a promotion. To be fully transparent, we sold $5.5 million worth of product… we had money, happy clients, people saying they had good results…

You’ve got to get your facts straight. You have to be in integrity because there are a lot of people exposed to this.

Mike Adams: People wanted Natural News to promote it, so I started investigating… I do a lot of due diligence before I would support anything. First, I did a heavy metals test on the product and I found it had very high aluminum, and I saw aluminum wasn’t listed on the label [like the other elements were]. The product was mostly an iron supplement. It was really a flocculent, which you can buy as a pool cleaning product.

I saw it as something that was being dishonestly labeled and dishonestly promoted, and I saw there was no clinical evidence that metals were being removed from the body. I had a call with Matt Bakos and the red flags went up for me because he was talking pseudoscience… I raised the alarm, I went out with a warning, and some people selling the product issued voluntary “recalls,” and this is when the war began.

Bakos began impersonating online personalities to attack me while I was trying to warn people not to take this product.

Kacper Postawski: I’m here to take responsibility for everybody who ever marketed Adya Clarity. Some high profile health personalities. I think only a few people issued refunds. I’m here to take responsibility for all of us collectively in this marketplace who misrepresented the product by making claims which were unsubstantiated at that time. We have strong reasons to believe that some of them may be true, but at this time there isn’t any really solid medical science to prove… so I want to take responsibility because that wasn’t right.

I didn’t come from intentions of wanting to lie to people, or to mislead people, but I honestly believed that this was true, but it turned it to be either not true or perhaps not yet proven. It may take all these things out of the water, but to say that it takes out of the body without having really solid proof that you can claim wasn’t right at the time. And the proof that Adya Clarity and Matt Bakos did have at the time were… a few odd little private blood tests from certain users, which most of them weren’t made public… so just based on that to spring up a multi-million dollar advertising campaign was pretty flimsy, and that’s where you stepped in.

Back then, I was a 25, 26 year old kid and I was really quite confused, Mike you were my hero, I was like, “Wow, Mike is the last one on Earth who should be against this…” I was kind of going through a dark night of the soul. But looking back on it now I can see you did the right thing. And it taught me a lot… what really integrity means, and looking with a global scope and global reach… what’s really necessary in terms of science and proof… there’s a right way of doing things…

Mike Adams: Your intention has always been positive. You’ve always wanted to help people heal… but intention alone is not enough, especially when we’re talking about a dietary supplement that’s not food.

One of the things that was a red flag to me about Adya Clarity was that it was not a food. It was metals, minerals, inorganic elements dissolved in acid… this was not food. So anytime we’re dealing with something that isn’t food… vaccines, pharmaceuticals, miracle supplement, if it’s not food, the required level of proof and evidence is so much higher because it’s not something that we have traditionally consumed as a civilization.

Kacper Postawski: My intention was to do good in the world… my view is that [Adya Clarity] is a fantastic product, I believe it does what the claims actually said… that’s my wishful belief and what I’ve seen in my own body… my team said “We gotta fight.”

We decided to push against it… start a war… so we took another webinar out, we stripped out the health claims… it didn’t do us good, but we got the business rolling again, and we started Water Liberty, talking about things that could affect water. It starting doing okay but not great… we saved enough cash and said what do we have to do to prove that this works? Let’s get a clinical trial.

So we found a clinical trial company, and the long and short is that we got scammed. And you helped me see that in the end.

Mike Adams: I remember you came to me and said Mike can you help us interpret and analyze this clinical trial, and I said yes… and it was fascinating.

Kacper Postawski: It was really expensive… I think… over $50,000, it may have gone up to $90K, it was the classic con, like, “You’ve got these stats, if you pay us a little more, and extend this study, we’ll really prove that this works, we’ll get even better numbers…” All the warning signs were there, we were getting so scammed, but I was just too young and too naive to see it. We would never visit them in the right office, it was the weirdest circumstance…

Then you asked me hey, just call them up and ask for proof, if you get anything but stonewalled, that this actually happened, you know where you stand.

So we called them up… and not only did we get stonewalled, we got violently stonewalled, it was like… this kind of response of calling us idiots and fools. So what do we do now? Do we go to war and sue these people? It was a total disaster. By this time we had already published this study on the website… we thought we were so cool, yeah we’re getting studies out there, we can be globally recognized.

Mike Adams: I remember some people in the Adya Clarity camp were attacking me, saying they had a clinical trial, saying it’s proof. I think I wrote 15 or 20 questions for you to ask the clinical trial company, questions like, what instrument are you using for the elemental analysis…

Kacper Postawski: We didn’t even get there, we asked can you maybe show us anything at all? “Oh those records are in an underground computer somewhere where we can’t access them, it’s gonna take us six months to get them…” What I learned from that is that anybody in this industry, the FDA is corrupt, the pharmaceutical industry is corrupt, what do clinical trials even mean, they’re all fake anyway. This company is the same company others would use…

Mike Adams: The pharmaceutical industry also fakes clinical trials. The difference is their fakery is far more sophisticated. They produce fake data sets, they have fake documentation, but the company that you went with that you got scammed by, I recall they analyzed heavy metals levels in blood plasma by using muscle testing. I have a mass spec instrument, muscle testing is not a quantitative analysis method. I’m glad that you saw that, I’m glad the red flags went off. What was going through your mind?

Kacper Postawski: …I started really backing away from the company… Since then I’ve been doing a lot of work personally, completely changing the focus of my life… what I learned is that anybody can stand at the top of the tower and say I’ve got the solution for Parkinson’s, and that guy can always be argued with, that can be a corporation, or a random guy setting up a company online. You can always argue with someone who’s making claims. But no one can argue with a public investigation, and that’s very much what you’ve been leading to with Natural News, bringing truth to the public.

…we had over 20,000 clients, we’ve had incredible success cases with the product. I know that many of the claims were unsubstantiated… even the clinical trial… we know that it’s not real. What I would like to end this interview with, is where do we go from here? What should the people who are currently using the product be thinking about their own health?

I personally love the product. I do believe that it does these things to the body… but I don’t believe it was marketed responsibly. I believe there could have been a much more level headed approach… and in hindsight, we looked at what it would have cost to do a real clinical study… it would have been less than what we paid.

Mike Adams: …your company could have sold a placebo and you would have received an enormous number of testimonials with positive results. Placebo may be the most powerful phenomenon in modern medicine… placebo is effective in about one-third of the cases of everything… cancer patients, diabetes, heart disease. A lot of people don’t believe in placebo, and they believe medicine has to be toxic in order to work, and what they’ve found in antidepressant drug trials is that people don’t believe the drug is working until they start to feel toxic side effects. Then they convince themselves they have the real drug, then they kick in their own placebo effect to make the drug “work” better. People have been trained that side effects means they got the real drug.

Kacper Postawski: Truth changes depending on the level of consciousness you’re bringing to it… there’s really nothing here but consciousness… the placebo effect is absolutely huge. Where I want to be is exploring consciousness as a healing tool. …Thought creates reality.

Mike Adams: At a level, I understand what you’re saying, but I do want to go back to something, I agree that consciousness is really the course of ultimate healing for humanity… but we have to remember, this is where the science side kicks in, that we exist as non-material conscious beings but inhabiting material physiological bodies, and we have to take care of both parts of that existence.

Here’s where I challenge other people on this. I might see people order shrimp for lunch, and they’ll ask me a question like, “Are shrimp clean? Or will I find heavy metals?” I tell them normally something out of the ocean you’re going to find arsenic and mercury. And sometimes they will tell me, they will say “I’m going to pray over this food and have positive intention and nullify the mercury” and I tell them, “That doesn’t work. You can have all the prayer you want, buddy, but you’re still eating mercury. You need to be smart about what you’re putting in your body…” you can’t pray your way out of eating poison.

We are about to expose an Indian guru, he runs around the USA with seminars about consciousness healing, and he prescribes these custom made pills to people… a reader who was taking these pills, she would vomit every time she took them, she send us her pills. We ran them in my lab on the ICP-MS. We were absolutely shocked. The mercury we found in the pills was so off the charts, we had to recalibrate our instrument. 1,200 ppm mercury. No one knows about this. We’re going to expose this, and we’re going to call for criminal investigations.

And it’s by a guy who preaches consciousness… his philosophy is that poison cures poison, so it’s sort of like… this guy thinks you should eat mercury to heal from mercury. We all have to be very cautious about those kinds of warped philosophies that will invoke the words of consciousness but they’re actually poisoning you.

Kacper Postawski: There are a lot of reality checks happening out there right now… the reality we believe is about to burst… up until that burst, a lot of people have resistance, because the ego hates to be wrong, you either grow or you implode… with that said, I don’t believe it’s all mind over matter, it’s the middle path, it’s consciousness and the material body. You can talk about consciousness all day long to someone eating Burger King, and they just don’t get it.

Mike Adams: I haven’t met anybody who can levitate. I’ve seen a lot of people talk about teleporting in astral bodies, but I’ve never seen somebody who could take mercury and turn it into zinc. If you show me that person, I have a business model for that person, it’s called “making gold.”

Let me ask you this, Kacper, you have a big heart, you have a lot of love for humanity, you have an open mind. You’re looking at the big solutions for humanity… can you talk about some of the things you’re involved with or looking toward? Or what’s on your mind about how to help humanity look forward?

Kacper Postawski: I researched a lot about free energy… the solutions to the greatest problems on Earth are out there… Tesla… etc., I thought why aren’t we making these machines? I got really fascinated… I wanted to earn money to invest in these things so we could make these and get them out to the world. They also flew… gravity inversion… he built a way to control the gravity of this machine.

These days I’m stepping back, I’m much more focused on health and consciousness… a friend told me if you keep doing this [free energy] work, you’re going to get a bullet in your head… humanity isn’t ready.

When the consciousness of humanity is ready for these things, they will appear…

Mike Adams: Consciousness is really the answer because once we expand our awareness, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, only then would we be ready for free energy technology. Today, mankind’s consciousness is all about short term greed and gain… we have not found a way to live in harmony with the planet. If free energy existed now, we would destroy the world with it. Humanity’s population would explode, we would kill all of nature, we would commit suicide on a massive scale if we had free energy. I don’t believe humanity is ready for free energy.

Kacper Postawski: …My key passion right now is health, because I think consciousness does come first if we want to change the planet. Unhealthy people are not at the level where they can hold the consciousness that’s necessary. … You talk to them about consciousness and they’re busy just… I’m deeply passionate about helping those people. Making documentaries about solutions that really make a difference out there. I want to find solutions that drastically change the world and get them out to people.

Mike Adams: I want to thank you for reaching out to me, and having the courage to walk this path and share this publicly. It’s really to your credit. I really look forward to the things you’re going to be working on. I want to thank you.

To learn more about Kacper Postawski, check out his website and his new documentary at

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In the most materialistic society on Earth, Jeff Bezos has a near-monopoly on your purchase habits through – including bogus nutritional products /supplementsreport/2017-01-07-in-the-most-materialistic-society-on-earth-jeff-bezos-has-a-near-monopoly-on-your-purchase-habits-through-amazon-com-including-bogus-nutritional-products.html /supplementsreport/2017-01-07-in-the-most-materialistic-society-on-earth-jeff-bezos-has-a-near-monopoly-on-your-purchase-habits-through-amazon-com-including-bogus-nutritional-products.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 The world’s largest online shopping “mall” may have its talons hooked into you, controlling your mind and your finger tips every time you think of purchasing just about anything you want delivered to your front door or the front porch of your gift-receiving friends and relatives–and that’s just how Jeff Bezos wants it. The founder of, Jeff Bezos, not only tracks and records human purchase behavior for marketing and advertising agendas, but he’s also got the best prices on almost everything, including delivery, because his warehouse employees are worked like slaves and many of the nutritional products are shams, or didn’t you know? The third wealthiest person in the world is pushing abusive work conditions and expired nutritional products, or maybe he’s just turning his head the other way while “all that” takes place. Who’s to really say?

Watch out for counterfeit, expired, and stolen nutritional goods resold on Amazon

Besides the cheap, dead supplements like One-A-Day, Centrum, and Equate, that are easily found at every drug store, grocery store and Walmart in America, delivers its own spate of worthless nutritional products for your health “search.” How’s that? Most shoppers, especially online, are all about price, price, price. They’re looking for deals because they can let their fingers “do the walking” instead of their feet, so it’s quick and easy, but to their own dismay, could be a complete waste of time and money. There are three main ways sells so many nutritional products so cheap: they’re counterfeit, expired, or stolen and repackaged without any quality control.

Counterfeit dietary supplements are pretty easy to create and sell on Amazon, because even though their “policy” forbids it, there’s virtually no policing going on to stop it. Simply create some look-alike packaging for name-brand health products and mirror some of the ingredients and presto–your counterfeit operation is born! Most of the time, the active ingredients that really matter aren’t even present, or are but to a much lesser percentage.

Want some fake vitamins (that could actually be rocks and sawdust) at really low prices delivered for free with your Amazon Prime membership? Let your fingers do the walkin’–it’s a snap. Jeff Bezos certainly won’t stop you or the resellers, because he makes a profit for every sale. That’s capitalism.

Hey, criminals may be lacking morals, but a lot of them are quite smart and resourceful. Does this mean Jeff Bezos is a criminal? Well, let’s just say he owns the Washington Post, and we’ll leave it at that. Pushing lies and propaganda is big business–like really, really big billion dollar type of business. Enabling and abetting crime means you’re an accomplice.

In America, there are hardly any legal consequences for selling fake vitamins and supplements, and the Amazon (and E-Bay) “middle men” all know it. In fact, the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) estimates name-brand companies lose more than $600 billion in revenue every year thanks to counterfeiters.

So, that being said, when it comes to buying health foods, dietary supplements, or just about anything “nutritional” online, you’re best to stick to legitimate manufacturer’s original products, otherwise, just go to your local health food store and pay the extra bucks for quality and reliability.

Take notice on that many pill-pushers and third-party-sellers don’t even list an address or phone number, so if it seems fake or counterfeit, guess what? It probably is. Counterfeiters will often buy expired or “fire sale” products at a major discount and resell them after repackaging with a new fictional expiration date, so you don’t know they’ve already expired, and maybe even long ago. That, or they simply keep the supplements for themselves and sell you counterfeit, totally fake pills. You would never know, except that your body gets no benefit, or worse, you become ill from them. Amazon and Jeff Bezos make little to no effort to reel in these crooks, and they’re becoming more popular and profitable by the day. Health enthusiasts beware!

Booming criminal enterprises via

Amazon is the largest and most viable place in the world for illegitimate and counterfeit companies to sell their products. Many will use a very similar name to the brand name you know so well. That’s a popular, shady trick. Is your seemingly “favorite” brand or company now based in a foreign country or not listing any contact information? You could get sick or even die from faulty products. Are they listing their testing measures for their products? If not, big red alert! Is the price of something that’s usually rather expensive suddenly super cheap? Don’t waste a dime on it.

How counterfeit supplement products on Amazon could still have high user ratings (stars)

What’s the easiest way to exploit the consumer trust factor? Assign counterfeit products with faked formulas high user or “star” ratings by illegally using the patented or copyrighted names of popular supplement companies. Amazon haphazardly assigns high-star ratings to any similar products that get high ratings from users. These same counterfeiters eliminate their real, authentic competition by reporting them as illegally manufactured, even though it’s their own products that are fake. and Jeff Bezos then terminate the good guys while propelling sales of the fake products pieced together by counterfeiters. Since Jeff Bezos pushes fake news now, why not push fake products too?

Are your supplements coming from a reliable, quality manufacturer who states on the label the ingredients and contact information for customer satisfaction?

Get armed with the truth about nutritional goods, and don’t fall for the scams on, or it might be the last scam you ever literally “fall for,” right into a six foot grave. Keep your eyes open and stay alert my friends!








/supplementsreport/2017-01-07-in-the-most-materialistic-society-on-earth-jeff-bezos-has-a-near-monopoly-on-your-purchase-habits-through-amazon-com-including-bogus-nutritional-products.html/feed 0
Omega-3 supplements can help prevent childhood asthma, study finds /supplementsreport/2017-01-04-omega-3-supplements-can-help-prevent-childhood-asthma-study-finds.html /supplementsreport/2017-01-04-omega-3-supplements-can-help-prevent-childhood-asthma-study-finds.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Taking certain omega-3 fatty acid supplements during pregnancy can reduce the risk of childhood asthma by almost one third, according to a new study from the Copenhagen Prospective Studies on Asthma in Childhood (COPSAC) and the University of Waterloo.

Article by University of Waterloo

The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that women who were prescribed 2.4 grams of long-chain omega-3 supplements during the third trimester of pregnancy reduced their children’s risk of asthma by 31 per cent. Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, which include eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), are found in cold water fish, and key to regulating human immune response.

“We’ve long suspected there was a link between the anti-inflammatory properties of long-chain omega-3 fats, the low intakes of omega-3 in Western diets and the rising rates of childhood asthma,” said Professor Hans Bisgaard of COPSAC at the Copenhagen University Hospital. “This study proves that they are definitively and significantly related.”

The study used rapid analytical techniques developed and performed at the University of Waterloo to measure levels of EPA and DHA in pregnant women’s blood. The University of Waterloo is one of a few laboratories in the world equipped to run such tests.

“Measuring the levels of omega-3 fatty acids in blood provides an accurate and precise assessment of nutrient status,” said Professor Ken Stark, Canada Research Chair in Nutritional Lipidomics and professor in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences at Waterloo, who led the testing. “Our labs are uniquely equipped to measure fatty acids quickly, extremely precisely, and in a cost-efficient manner.”

The testing also revealed that women with low blood levels of EPA and DHA at the beginning of the study benefitted the most from the supplements. For these women, it reduced their children’s relative risk of developing asthma by 54 per cent.

“The proportion of women with low EPA and DHA in their blood is even higher in Canada and the United States as compared with Denmark. So we would expect an even greater reduction in risk among North American populations,” said Professor Stark. “Identifying these women and providing them with supplements should be considered a front-line defense to reduce and prevent childhood asthma.”

Researchers analyzed blood samples of 695 Danish women at 24 weeks’ gestation and one week after delivery. They then monitored the health status of each participating child for five years, which is the age asthma symptoms can be clinically established.

“Asthma and wheezing disorders have more than doubled in Western countries in recent decades,” said Professor Bisgaard. “We now have a preventative measure to help bring those numbers down.”

Currently, one out of five young children suffer from asthma or a related disorder before school age.

Read more at:

/supplementsreport/2017-01-04-omega-3-supplements-can-help-prevent-childhood-asthma-study-finds.html/feed 0
Study links vitamin D deficiency to metabolic syndrome in mice /supplementsreport/2017-01-03-study-links-vitamin-d-deficiency-to-metabolic-syndrome-in-mice.html /supplementsreport/2017-01-03-study-links-vitamin-d-deficiency-to-metabolic-syndrome-in-mice.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 One out of every four of the world’s adults suffers from metabolic syndrome. This is often a precursor to diabetes and heart problems, and it is no secret that a poor diet that is rich in the wrong kinds of fats and carbohydrates plays a role in its development. However, scientists have also found that a vitamin D deficiency is a vital part of the progression of metabolic syndrome.

Those suffering from this ailment often carry extra weight around their waist, an excessive amount of fat in the liver, and at least two of the following: high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure.

Researchers from China’s Sichuan University found that metabolic syndrome could be treated and even prevented by maintaining high levels of Vitamin D. The study, which was carried out on mice, also confirmed previous findings that diets that are rich in fat can adversely affect bacteria in the intestine, spurring higher blood sugar levels and fatty liver. Insufficient Vitamin D in the body can further contribute to the imbalance of gut microorganisms. Their study was published in the Frontiers in Physiology journal.

Professor Stephen Pandol of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, who worked with the Sichuan University group, said that people who take Vitamin D can help fight metabolic syndrome, whether they get it directly from exposure to sunlight or via supplements.

It’s easy to get Vitamin D

This is good news for the many people suffering from this ailment because a Vitamin D deficiency is easy and cheap to remedy. In fact, spending time in the sun is all it takes to get the amount of Vitamin D your body needs. It is important to note, however, that sunscreen will prevent you from getting the benefits of Vitamin D from sunlight. An SPF 30 sunblock, for example, can slash your body’s ability to produce this crucial vitamin by as much as 99 percent.

People with light skin are advised to spend at least 15 minutes in the sun daily, while those with medium skin need around 25 minutes and those with dark skin need 40 minutes to get the full effects.

Vitamin D has plenty of other benefits for your health as well. It plays a role in cell differentiation and proliferation, mood regulation, and calcium absorption, and it is important for proper immune functioning.

Other natural sources of Vitamin D

If you don’t have access to regular sunshine, supplements are an option, but it’s important to check the sources very carefully. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, uncovered the prevalence of toxic heavy metals in many popular supplements in his book, Food Forensics. If you don’t have a trusted source of supplements, there are a few foods you can eat to get your Vitamin D naturally.

Oily fish is an excellent source of Vitamin D, particularly trout, salmon, and swordfish. Just three ounces of these fish can give you as much as 97 percent of your daily recommended intake. Other good sources include mackerel, halibut, tuna, sardines, flounder, herring and sole. Of course, you’ll want to consider the source of your fish in order to avoid contamination.

Organic mushrooms are another good source of Vitamin D as they naturally produce it when they are exposed to UV light sources. Shiitake, chanterelle and morel mushrooms can give you about a quarter of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin D apiece, but it only takes one maitake mushroom to get the job done.

While eggs, raw milk, and beef also contain vitamin D, their levels do not come close to meeting the daily requirement.

The findings of the Sichuan University study highlight the need for all individuals to pay attention to their Vitamin D intake. With 59 percent of population being deficient in Vitamin D, the potential for disease prevention is dramatic, and all people need to do to fix the problem is spend more time in the sun or eat the right foods.


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